Vivien Barousse


CV (PDF, en)


Hire Better Faster Stronger

This talk aims to give people the tools to prepare for interviews, whether its making their hiring processbetter, or simply preparing for an interview as a candidate.


A list of all my current and archived projects can be found on my GitHub profile.

Mountain Mapper

Skiing and snowboarding Android app. Contains an offline map of the skiing resort you're in, as well as the list of open/closed lifts, weather updates. Syncs as soon as Internet connection comes back. Sends push notifications when lifts open or close.


Draw a piano on a paper pad, and start playing it! Notepad uses your webcam to detect the piano you just drew and your fingers, and starts playing notes when you press keys on your paper piano. Written during London Music Hack Day 2013.


Experimenting with the concept of Scratch blocks, sprites, and scripts mechanism, in Ruby.


Scoring pertinence of web page titles using Natural Language Processing

Master's degree dissertation, written at Oxford Brookes University, School of Technology, with the supervision of Prof. David Duce.

EJB3 - Des concepts à l'écriture du code - Guide du développeur

Co-author of the second edition of a French book about the EJB framework, with an overview of the other Java EE technologies.